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In 2007, Travel Agents Association of Pakistan through a letter has closed its branch in Peshawar, by freezing its accounts. The member Travel agents were left alone to face problems confronting to them from different Government departments. Local Travel agents have formed a committee in order to negotiate with the Central Association in order to solve the problems. The committee comprised of Mr. Mohammad Nisar, Mr. F.A. Jaleel, Mr. Syed Ali Baqir, Mr. Umar Daraz, Mr. Shahi Mulk, Mr. Afzal Shah and Mr. Shamsher Ali. Even after 2 or 3 meetings no result was found.

Due to which the above committee decided to register the Local Association in the name of Travel Agents Association Peshawar and after framing a constitution for the Local Association and fulfilling all the legal requirements, the Association was register with the Provincial Government. Mr. Shamsher Ali was elected as its first Chairman.

Mr. Shamsher Ali has played important role in making the Association active.

In 2014 the central Association have raised the objection that there is a similarity in the name of the Associations as both abbreviated as TAAP.

So the Local Committee has made amendments in the Article and Memorandum of Association in a General lBody meeting and has given approval for changing the Association name to “ TRAVEL AGENTS ASSOCIATION KHYBER PAKHTUNKHWA”. Approval was also given that the Association will comprise of 5 zones namely:

  1. Region-I (Peshawar Zone)
  2. Region II ( Mardan Zone)
  3. Region III ( Hazara Zone)
  4. Region IV (Malakand zone)
  5. Region V ( Bannu , Kohat and D.I.Khan zone)

It is mentioned here that the Local Association is not against the Central Association, but it encourage Travel Agents to become the members of central Association TAAP. Free membership is given to those who are the members of the central Association. The local Association is trying to help the central Association, while the central Association is in the effort to make this Association a failure.

This association has taken many steps, which was fruitful not only to the local Travel Agents, but for the whole country’s Travel agents also.

The Associaiton is celebrating its 10th Anniversary in 2017. Elections are completed for the year 2017-18 and the member Travel Agents has showed full confidence on the Association and on its newly elected Office Bearers.

  • Khalid Hassan Khan

    Mr. Khalid Hassan Khan

    Patron In-Chief

    Pakistan Express (Pvt) Ltd

  • Shamsher Ali

    Mr. Shamsher Ali


    Palwasha Travels (Pvt) Ltd

  • Mr. Abdul Salam

    Senior Vice Chairman

    Holiday Air Services

  • Abid Ud Din

    Mr. Abid Ud Din

    General Secretary

    Discovery Air Services (Pvt) Ltd