Executive Members

The Associaiton is celebrating its 10th Anniversary in 2017. Elections are completed for the year 2017-18 and the member Travel Agents has showed full confidence on the Association and on its newly elected Office Bearers.

  • Khalid Hassan Khan

    Mr. Khalid Hassan Khan

    Patron In-Chief

    Pakistan Express (Pvt) Ltd

  • Shamsher Ali

    Mr. Shamsher Ali


    Palwasha Travels (Pvt) Ltd

  • Mr. Abdul Salam

    Senior Vice Chairman

    Holiday Air Services

  • Abid Ud Din

    Mr. Abid Ud Din

    General Secretary

    Discovery Air Services (Pvt) Ltd

  • Mr. Rehmatullah

    Finance Secretary

    Haramain Travel & Tours

  • Ghulam Haider

    Mr. Ghulam Haider

    Joint Secretary

    G.H Travels

  • Alamzeb

    Mr. Alamzeb

    Press / Information Secretary

Regional Chairmans

  • Aurangzeb

    Mr. Aurangzeb

    Regional Vice Chairman Region-I (Peshawar)
  • Riaz Ali Khan

    Mr. Riaz Ali Khan

    Regional Vice Chairman Region II (Mardan)
  • Hanif Safdar

    Mr. Hanif Safdar

    Regional Vice Chairman Region-III (Hazara)
  • Ikramullah

    Mr. Ikramullah

    Regional Vice Chairman Region-IV (Malakand)
  • Saleem Ur Rehman

    Mr. Saleem Ur Rehman

    Regional Vice Chairman Region-V (Bannu, Kohat, D.I.Khan)